Make The Retail Supply Chain Easy, Accessible, and Performant

Supply Chain Genius help retailers and distributors transform their supply chain, leveraging data, data science and technology. We work globally with both large retailers and small distributors.

Supply Chain Genius offers Jeni, a single platform for the retail supply chain, providing a fast ROI by being affordable, quickly integrable in a IS landscape, and pre-packaged for the retail supply chain.

Jeni, The Digital Platform To Easily Take Smart Actions

Model a digital representation of my retail supply chain flows and costs

Digitally and automatically take my actions from one system

Work across functions

Combine data science techniques for better decision making

Guide through the best actions to take

Action Driven with Explainability

Take actions from one place, with a digital representation of your supply chain, and a quick understanding of the action context

Retail Supply Chain Focus

Pre-configured scenarios for the retail supply chain, with retail-specific analytics

Continuously Optimized with Data Science

Perpetual optimization loop with integrated analytics, simulation and optimization, and back- and forward- testing of scenarios

Easily Configurable and User Oriented

Digitize your actions based on the intelligent data layer, and a user-friendly configuration

Benefit from Retail Supply Chain Experts

Supply Chain Genius experts have 20+ years of experience in the retail supply chain. They can help you:

Define the strategy of your supply chain transformation and digitalization

Lead your supply chain transformation and digitalization

Lead the implementation of Jeni

Lead the implementation of your planning, analytics, and decision Intelligence solutions