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The Digital Twin of The Retail Supply Chain

Use Data Science to Digitalise, Augment and Automate Your Supply Chain. Get a 360-Degree View of Your Omnichannel Network.

Let Your Data Take Your Service Level to Higher Grounds

Let Outcome - Based Decisions Drive More Profit

Let Forward - Looking Data Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Intelligent Engine

Retail - built engine powers scenario simulation and enables real action.


Perpetual optimization loop based on holistic cost visibility and integrated analytics.

Data Science

Advanced data science ensures identification of optimum plan and actions .

User Oriented

Contextualizes decisions to guide you through the best actions to take. Tailor it to your needs.

Action Driven

Digital representation of product flow, inventory positions, network constraints, and financial impact. 

Control Tower

Drive organizational transformation. Break down silos with an enterprise cost library and enable visibility across functions. 

Autonomous Supply Chain  

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Tarik Faouzi


Digital transformation expert highly experienced in scaling platform businesses

Guillaume Barrere


Supply Chain Expert with MSc in Global Supply Chain Management and 20+ years of industry experience

Igor Castang


 IT Monster specialized in supply chain technology

Arnaud Morvan


 Supply Chain Expert with decades of experience in Manufacturing and Retail industries

Supply Chain Genius is the brainchild of entrepreneurs with unrivaled expertise in retail supply chain intelligence. It stands alone as a solution because of the advanced data science that powers its engine and because it is purpose - built to specifically meet the needs of retailers.  Retail is in Supply Chain Genius’ DNA.

With expertise developed over a combined 60+ years in the retail supply chain, we help organizations:

✔ Define strategies for supply chain transformation and digitalisation

✔ Achieve supply chain transformation and digitalization

✔ Unlock the full potential of Supply Chain Genius

✔  Integrate Supply Chain Genius with complementary planning, analytics and decision intelligence solutions

Our Partners


Are You Ready to Future Proof Your Supply Chain?

The Digital Platform to Easily Pinpoint and Take Optimal Actions

✔  One system to digitally and automatically take actions

✔ Foundational enterprise data model based on retail industry standards


✔ Digital representation of retail supply chain flows and costs

✔ Intelligent engine combining data science techniques for better decision - making


✔ Configuration library and builder to adapt the intelligence output to your specific business decision rules

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