Supply Chain Management requires permanent service-cost trade-offs between internal and external partners, in addition to being a data-intensive process. As a consequence, monitoring and decision-making for the supply chain are complex and time-consuming. The purpose of SC Genius is to make supply chain management easily accessible and understandable to everyone.

SC Genius offers services and pre-packaged tools to:
  • Monitor your supply chain performance
  • Make the most efficient decision
  • Optimize your cost-to-serve and service level
  • Maximize your supply chain efficiency and your bottom line

Complementary with your existing IT ecosystem, SC Genius is a single modular solution with integrated powerful scientific tools for your supply chain intelligence, supply chain design and supply chain simulation.


Common business scenarios addressed by SC Genius include:

  • Network design and optimization
  • Cost-to-serve optimization
  • Product Flow Optimization
  • Best Sourcing and Vendor Negotiation
  • Pack Size Optimization
  • Store and DC Replenishment Rules Optimization
  • Forecast Rules Optimization

  • Based on open source technology and with its flexible architecture and rapid implementation methodology, SC Genius offers a lower TCO and a quicker ROI than larger competitors.