How it works

SC Genius consists of 2 modules allowing you to make the right decision, and to optimize and monitor your supply chain performance:
Powerful scientific engines
SC Genius includes 5 integrated engines:
  • Forecast engine: calculates the best sales or DC demand forecast
  • Demand planning: calculates the needs to internally deliver your intermediate DCs and stores
  • Supply planning: calculates the needs to receive goods form your external suppliers
  • Inventory planning: calculates the evolution of your inventory based on the forecast, distribution and supply requirements
  • Simulation: runs the 4 engines above for every defined scenario, calculates the financial and capacity impacts of every scenario, and estimates the best scenario through Monte-Carlo methods
Based on the state-of-the-art Java and XML capabilities, SC Genius offers a flexible architecture that allows an easy integration with your current systems . In addition, the widget technology facilitates the design, configuration and maintenance of the User Interfaces. Only based on open source, no additional cost is required.
SC Genius can be hosted as a SaaS or be implemented on-premise by us or our partners.
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