Based on scientific engines, SC Genius Simulation executes back-testing simulations of “what-if” scenarios. SC Genius Simulation allows designing your supply chain network and defining your supply chain parameters for every scenario thanks to the user-friendly the scenario builder. Finally, SC Genius Simulation provides comprehensive result summary allowing defining the best scenario.

Back-testing is the process of testing a strategy on prior time periods. Instead of applying a strategy for the time period forward, SC Genius Simulation simulates a strategy on relevant past data in order to gauge the scenario effectiveness. It means that SC Genius Simulation provides you concrete results based on your current organization, and not theoretical results of what your business might be.


Main Features

  • Product Flow Map: enables to quickly visualize and analyse demand, supply and the related flows
  • Wizards: guide the users through the setup of common business scenarios
  • Network Designer: models the nodes and product flows through the supply chain network
  • Cost Designer: models all the supply chain in order to evaluate the cost-to-serve and margin
  • Simulation Business Rulesparameters required for calculating and simulating the demand and supply at every node of the supply chain network
  • Simulation Analysis Summarycalculation of the KPIs, costs and inventory planning pertaining to the scenarios executed