Our difference

Dedicated to Supply Chain: SC Genius is pre-packaged for the supply chain to answer to your most common use cases. 

Integrated Solution: SC Genius integrated suite is a single modular solution with integrated analytics and simulation features that enables working in a continuous improvement manner.
Scientific Foundations: SC Genius is based on state-of-the-art forecast, replenishment, optimization and simulation methods. SC Genius Forecast Engine is auto-adaptive and includes more than 8 different forecast methods. SC Genius evaluates the best scenario thanks to Monte-Carlo methods.
Easy to Use: SC Genius offers dashboards, widgets, wizards and workflows that anyone can understand. It facilitates the modeling of the supply chain and the definition of the scenarios.

Back-Testing Simulations: we believe that back-testing is a key component of effective supply-chain decision-making. It is accomplished by reconstructing, with historical data, operations that would have occurred in the past using rules defined by a given strategy. The result offers statistics that can be used to gauge the effectiveness of the strategy. The underlying theory is that any strategy that worked well in the past is likely to work well in the future.

Rapid ROIBased on open source technology and a flexible architecture, SC Genius offers a lower Total Cost of Ownership. In addition, SC Genius enables a quick implementation to limit the risks and guarantee quick business benefits.
People: our people do supply chain and only supply chain. They understand your daily constraints, as well as long-term impacts. Their goal is to implement sustainable solutions with quick benefits.